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The Brief

Vanellis is a Canadian global food chain which is operation in over 100 different locations, they have perfected the art of serving fresh Italian food with fresh pastas, pizzas and other Italian dishes.

Their food is more into non –spicy and one great thing about vanellis is that they serve with low calories so it would be perfect for diet conscious people. What they wanted from us was to create a buzz, hear ‘vanellis’ from everyone’s mouth.


A successful communication includes, identifying who is the brand talking to, what exactly the brand is talking, how can you strengthen meaningful relationships with the consumers. And that is how we strategize vanellis, we worked on the insights as the key trigger to drive significance through a common connection between brand and consumers.


We first made some creative strategies to target our consumers and potential consumers also the diet conscious people through engaging texts and posts and PR packages Not just that we made produced pleasant standees, menus, and screens. Basically, managed the whole social media marketing where we did couple of creative campaigns too. We helped the brand find its uniqueness which made it stand out.