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Saira P

The Brief

The bodhi initiative is an online coaching session, It provides personalized conscious coaching sessions to meet the personal needs of the clients in the present moment.

A life coach is basically type of wellness professionals who helps people make progress in their life in order to attain greater achievements. But people aren’t much aware of “life coach” which was our client’s major problem so in order to gain reach and engagement we had to take care from there.


The objective was to create reach and engagement, so we had to completely understand the targeted audience insight for high involvement First we created awareness posts then the conversation post. Communicating with our target audience was made much easier after the awareness of ‘life coach’.As a result we gathered a tremendous positive response.


The objective was to create a digital buzz. We came up with a really elegant content for the social media which included aesthetic texts, enticing posts, consisting of a real talent for the shoots who can build a creadibility.With the right media optimization and planning effectively, we were able to successfully able to deliver the client’s demands.