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The Brief

Omid traders started off as mango suppliers then it switched to an online qurbani after that it switched to an online meat delivery.

After all these diversions our client wanted to focus just on their online meat delivery, where their aim was to deliver fresh and hygiene meat at people’s doorstep. It was their start-up, for that they wanted their brand to spread rapidly and get full attention.


Since It was their start-up, We had to start from the scratch and make strategies according to it, We had to plan it out by keeping in mind it’s a new venture and help the brand find its unique essence which will make them stand out from the rest .We did a market analysis and strategized accordingly.


We started creating unique and relatable content for the brand, We built its whole identity, started off by making logo, packaging for spices and oil, made content for their social media since our top priority was to implement strong social media strategy so that we can create awareness about the brand.