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Mad Roosta

The Brief

Mad Roosta had a menu with a spicy twist. Their food went all the way up to 1,000,000 Scoville’s with its ghost pepper mix.

Now Pakistanis are known to love their spices and the experience that goes with it, Mad Roosta focused more on an experience rather than run of the mill food specific messages. They faced one major problem though through the passage of time they lost their essence and weren’t able to portray themselves as what they initially hoped which is where we came in.


Knowing our objective, we dove deep into the R&D process only to find that they were missing another major essence apart from spices, which was their Nashville southern style chicken. We then started researching international brands that were in similar categories since there wasn’t any local competition within this style. We also researched and strategized multiple options and what works for the spice category within the country as well as which items were already in the market that were getting consumed on a high scale after which we jumped into creative brainstorm sessions.


We pitched a show called the ‘MAAAD Experience’ which showcased the spice element of the brand as well as multiple campaigns showing the Nashville style cooking and how it differentiates from the regular style of Fried chick, the next objective that was met through deigns and video was combining the two and recreating the brand essence that the client longed for.