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Jalebi Express

The Brief

Jalebi Express had a revolutionary idea for tourism in Karachi, Pakistan, they took Local busses and used their experience to take foreigners as well as locals around town to showcase different locations and monuments in the day.

However their night trip is something different all together, the night trips focus more on tantalizing your taste buds by taking you on a tour to all our local delights so that you could indulge in the famous food streets of Karachi. The problem was visibility and marketing, the word of mouth wasn’t spreading fast enough or strong enough to pull in attention of locals or visiting foreigners due to which we were approached to solve this problem.


As always our first step was to research local and global competition to figure out what they are up to in a similar industry. After the R&D was done we then approached the objective from multiple angles and had multiple brainstorm sessions to figure out an angle that could entice our audience and target market to come and witness the wonder that is Jalebi Express.


Once the brainstorm sessions were done we came up with multiple campaigns based on the different localities and showcasing the experience of the trip as well as video content with descriptors defining each location and what they stood for but we didn’t want the entire experience become virtual so we very carefully just hinted out the facts just enough to create the buzz.