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The Brief

FIO, stands for federal insurance ombudsman, their aim and objective was to resolve people’s grievances against the insurance companies, they guarantee provoke redressal of people’s grievances.

Their process is `quite swift whenever you have a problem regarding insurance fraud just give them a call or lodge your complaint on their website you will get a quick respond. Since people aren’t aware much of fraud insurance, they were lacking to acknowledge them so this is where cryptic consultancy had to take over from.


Research was the main factor where we had to work on, what is fraud insurance actually, what are their competitors doing. After this we had to strategize keeping in mind the awareness factor, we had to figure out how to allure our audience and target market to make them acknowledge how essential fio is.


Marketing or making people aware of something that people are least interested in is a bit challenging, so we strategized accordingly, We not just made informative posts but enticing too ,so that people don’t find it tedious, which helped us reaching our goals, we managed the whole social media of it.