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The Brief

A Vlogging site ready to pick the litter for all ranges of topics from fitness, tech, fashion to the latest happenings.

How ever they had trouble strategizing where and when to start from, the audience for each category is very robust and only properly concise information with a mix of entertainment cut it


As usual the first step to any great execution is strategy which is where we started aswell, delving through the world wide web finding different influencer channels to see what they are doing and strategize ideations to figure out what works best in terms of content, we then started creating a visual direction for the brand so that its personality could flow through.


We stared by shooting intros and extros for the channel, then specified content to flow through a certain channel that would make the information fun for viewers. We also added in a touch of monetary value by formulating and activated monetization on youtube in order for the brand to follow an ROI model as well.