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Chick Magnet

The Brief

Chick magnet came up with not-so-typical idea, they looked at the insights, people’s wants and launched their fries platter which was the star of chick magnet

It won’t be found anywhere in the town and not just fries all their food are mouth-watering delicious. They wanted something different for their social media, increase the reach and engagement which lead them come to us.


We strategized according to our client’s requirement, brainstormed on how to engage our target market creatively and differently. We had to bring out the best and creative skills so that we could build its social media content being completely based on the interest of our client’s requirement.


We completely made strategies according to our client’s demand, since they wanted something unique. not basic posts neither they wanted vector-based posts so we used aesthetic food photography for our social media content, for reach and engagement we called PR bloggers to create awareness of the brand, since then it is in the limelight.