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Buck N Up

The Brief

Buck n up is a shopping market which is a discounted store located in US. Either its grocery, home, stationary, event or party shopping, they offer all these things in discounted price and great quality.

The problem they had was that they weren’t able to sell some of the products due to its surrounding and its people so to increase their sale we had to work buck n up’s visibility.


Working with an international client seems hard but for cryptic it isn’t, we researched on its surrounding location and analyzed what they were lacking and planned on working on those objectives since they wanted buck n up to be perceivable our strategies had to be around it.


Since we had to work on Buck n up’s visibility, we made social media content being completely based on the interest of its current and potential customers, we made deals so that we can attract our customers who are aware and even not aware of. Our target is one specific location and audience, hence all our strategies revolved around it.